IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

By doing IELTS either you want to go for immigration or for overseas education.

Its not so tough to achieve good bands in IELTS. If you have good guidance you can even get 9 bands!!!

Why governments ask us to do IETLS? It is asked so that when we go to foreign countries, we are able to communicate properly there. So it is for our own benefit.

Let’s go through the details of IELTS.

IELTS Structure consists of four sections:

1. Listening – Understanding the accent is an important aspect here. Keep listening, keep practicing.

2. Reading – You should have a very good speed of reading, good vocabulary & ability to remember big paragraphs to succeed in Reading section. We have many tips for you on this.

3. Writing – You should be very much correct grammatically. You should be precise and accurate to score good band in writing. Goof ups don’t work here.

4. Speaking – Be sharp and clear while speaking. Don’t mimic the accent if it is not yours.

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