5 ‘Too Good’ Reasons to Study in Australia

If it is about higher education, then it must also be about ‘higher education from a recognized university’, …

…about which the land of the kangaroos may lend you a helping hand – an assuring helping hand.

The reason for this statement is quiet clear though. Throughout the recent years, globalization has been functioning at its peak.

No wonder education got GLOBALISED. In this wonderfully networked planet, education is aiming to reach its ‘utopian potential’ through a really helpful mode of studying specially when students eventually prepare to take a tour overseas for an academic reason.

That’s why we’re speaking of Australia and, of course, what its colleges and universities stand for.

Read on to know more…

Australian Education: What Sells It? What Makes It Popular? Why Would You Care about It?

As a matter of fact, Australian education can offer Indian students a number of particular perks they do not think of normally. Of course, there are tons of other universities and colleges in the countries at the northern hemisphere of the globe.

But, Australian education, in a way, is a game-changer. It is education, innovation and quality forged into ‘certifications’.

Apart from world class education and a really organized structure to deliver it to the students based on their personal needs, Australia is considered to be home to 7 Universities in the top 100 universities of the world.

Want to be surprised?

This country is the 4th most popular country for overseas education.

Plus, Australia is culture, is civilization, is diverse landscape and variable attributes and all of this naturally creates a plethora of jobs or placement opportunities for a candidate with proper worth.

So, if you study in Australia, you’re inevitably going to love the country as well.

Still confused? Well, here are some of the specific reasons you’re going to love studying in Australia:

  1. Quality Education and GLOBAL RECOGNITION: You’ll Get Both

The recognition is definitely a pleaser, but don’t miss out the quality part.

Have you ever heard of the AQF?

Well, it is the Australian Qualification Framework. You can call it your ticket to a globalized or a globally recognized education.

Through this AQF, the country allows a student to move through various educational opportunities in Australia as well as in the other countries of the world.

Plainly put, you get a degree from this country, you’re going to use it in the whole world and guess what? No one’s stopping you from that as you’ll get an international certificate on completion of your degree.

  1. A Lot of Things to Study

It is a fact that Australia is a country, which is packed up with universities, colleges and, of course, a wide range of subjects they offer. We just mentioned 7 universities right?

Well, they are the top ones. You’ll actually get 40 universities in the country and…

…all of them provide the same level of education and facilities along with…you know it…the AQF.

The most interesting part about the universities isn’t their numbers, it is basically the myriad of subjects they offer. You will also get a variety of subjects you didn’t get to study in your native country (no offence). Be it from applied science to research based technical courses, be it functional humanities to fine arts, be it commercial studies to management, be it vocational studies to engineering, be it language studies to comparative literature; you just have to NAME IT.

Wait, there’s more!

In Australia, you’d also get a number of research opportunities to discover the progressive side of your education. Frankly speaking, a work at the research and

Analysis sector pays well too.

  1. There Are ACTS to Protect You

Well, you’ve read it. The Australian Independent Higher Education Standards Panel and Australia’s Department of Education and Training are there to back the students up with two of the most essential and highly protective acts under the country.

Here they are:

* Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA): It works as a national quality and regulatory agency for higher education. The Independent Higher Education Standards Panel sets certain rules for the entire higher education department of the country. The agency works to monitor the quality of higher education delivery and offer the rules to all university education and non-university education providers.

* Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS): This act rather aims to qualify or refine the quality of higher education for only the students coming from different countries around the world. The Act finalizes nationally consistent framework for courses or degrees aimed in assisting overseas students.

Australia’s Department of Education and Training says this particular act protects yet amplifies the reputation of the Australian education standard, aids the students with visa program and offers tuition protection.

  1. Scholarships?

Many students worry about that when they think of overseas education. No worries (as the Australians say it)! Australia is a country where overseas students get scholarships, bursaries and a lot more not only from the Australian Government, but also from a variety of public or private companies and educational institutions.

Some of these scholarship programs are:

* Australian Government Research Training Program

* Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship

* Australia Awards

  1. Study and Earn and Study Again!

The higher education department of the country offers a student to work in order to earn and develop a financial backup at the time of studying.

However, there are limitations. A student has to work within a fixed range of hours to earn money.

The academicians usually help a student in all possible ways regarding these matters.

These things are truly interesting, aren’t they?

But, have you thought of two interesting factors before you get so enthusiastic to pack your bags?

They are:

  1. What Are You Going to Choose
  2. What Do You Need for That

Let us help you with these and with a few more:

What We Do

We, at A1 Study Abroad Consultants, are aiming at bringing a student to a more responsive and a larger educational platform to help discover his or her potential in a ‘potentially’ productive mode of higher education.

We have made a promise not only to the students but to ourselves as well to unlock the gate of world class education and make the entire world available to him or her.

Here’s what we do for you in brief:

  1. We Counsel

Doubts must be cleared and we realize the importance of it to a student who’s planning to make a leap of faith to a completely new country to seek a better meaning of life.

We offer interactive counselling sessions to interested candidates not only to make them aware of their desired study destination, but also help them be stress free and

Worried about their agenda.

  1. We Recommend

Our recommendation is not just a manual process of student credibility check-up, but a technical analysis or evaluation of a student to provide him or her with the right options in overseas education. We also make a student aware of the various aspects of a chosen stream of studies, job opportunities, scholarships and many more.

  1. We Train

Overseas education isn’t offered without evaluation. Therefore, a student must appear and qualify in some of the initial tests and certifications to make a preparatory standpoint.

We train them for these tests according to the international rules and regulations. At A1 Study Abroad Consultants, we offer training and guidelines for qualifying IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, ITIL, OTE, GMAT, SAT and GRE.

  1. We Authenticate

…by offering the right kind of Visa and Immigration assistance!

There are a variety of visas and immigration policies for different conditions from students and they may get stuck in deciding (and then get worried) about visa,

Immigration plans, costs and, of course, legal issues in Australia if that occurs for a fault made in the beginning.

Overseas education comes with benefits and facilities that you’d keep wondering about after being a successful person in this world.

Some Extra Words

Take it as an advice.

Yes, overseas education means thinking big!

But, don’t rush. Take your time. Think about it…know about it and…if you want, then…

…we may talk.


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