Canada offers quality education in less tuition fees. It provides easy stay back options leading to PR. That’s the reason Canada is the most preferred destination for students these days.

It provides a wide range of programs. IELTS requirement for UG programs is 6.0 and for PG programs it is 6.5 with no band less than 6.

With the implementation of SDS, visa processing time has reduced and approval rate has increased.

Due to lots of applications received per intake for a college/ university, normally the deadlines end early.

September is the major Intake in Canada followed by January but still few colleges are open for May intake for certain programs.

Students are eligible for part time work 20 hours/ week.

5 Reasons Studying in Canada Is Just another Surprise

It’s just another country, which means another bunch of career opportunities to make your life a professional tale to tell.

Oh yes, the part of the knowledge is a successful treasure hunt too!

Well, that was a medieval mindset to express about the world class education Canada has to offer. In modern iterations, the truth is that Canada is a splendid destination if you seek a very healthy educational platform with progressive career gateways.

The proof is striking! Canada has an estimated 2,50,000 FOREIGN STUDENTS.

Why do they hunt down Canada?

Read more to learn about that.


  1. Global Education with Top Universities

…offered to you by quality faculty members! Canada is a country where education is never compromised. With a very organized curriculum and student-centric development programs, Canada has seen the effective side of education.

It didn’t stop there though.

Canadian education has been successful in making 100% implementation of the newest and efficient, academic theories it came up with.

Technical backup and a fully customized environment to encourage and promote a quality educational standard have been two of the many factors that grab the attention of international students.

Good news for the ambitious pupils out there! Canadian universities are known to be competitive in spirit when it comes to the comparative efficiency between its rank and that of the universities in the US and the UK (no offence).

Some of the recognized and world-class universities of Canada are:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal


  1. Research Options Are More Expandable Here

It is often a dream of students to grab a Phd in their individual stream of education.

Plus, research options should never be minimized or restricted. It opens up possibilities that may change the world to make it a better place.

The good news is that students are more willing today than they were few years ago. Phd has now become a properly identified or recognized career destination.

But, what’s with research and Canada?

Well, it is because of the programs they have for phd candidates. Canada is more than interested to provide the space, the resources and the guidelines for quality research work to any candidate and there are two basic reasons:

  1. The country has almost all of the required facilities for a qualified and ‘secured’ research work.
  2. It would help a candidate with essential resources, guidelines and the environment to unlock the potential in a work of research and, of course, in the researcher himself or herself.
  3. Research turns to be varied in Canada. You may choose medical science or technology, fine arts or archaeology or anything. Canada wouldn’t say ‘no’ to our great, human inquisitive nature.


  1. Speaking of Subjects

The most problematic phase of a student’s life is when he or she cannot just choose what to study or research on.

That’s a great problem.

Probably, one of the causes of such problem is that students do not find enough OPTIONS to choose from.

It is a genuine problem in many countries. It hinders a student’s decision about his or her preferred steam of studies. Frankly speaking, the problem can affect an individual’s life and career.

Canadian education system offers a wide range of subjects for students.

Different courses or degrees and diplomas with a variety of course durations are the things students enjoy before picking their stream of studies.

These subjects offered by the country are all designed in the guidelines of professional course arrangement and are all detailed in an efficient order.

Some of the popular subjects to choose in Canada are:

  • Business
  • Arts and fine arts
  • Environmental and social science
  • Engineering
  • Technological streams
  • MBA
  • Medical Science


  1. Professionalism in Education

Canada can take care of your expenses once you have joined as a student.

The fact is that Canada is a country where the government is interested to recognize the talents of students. The country has been famous for offering lucrative career options in academic life so that a student can earn his or her living and staying costs.

The government made it official.

Be it an internship or a fresh start being an entrepreneur to a small home based business, an early professional life is always ‘professional’.

What else do you want?

Probably, you would get your next career destination while working in such a job mode.

Don’t forget to thank Canada though.


  1. The Next Tech-Giant?

Probably so.

According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the country is ranked the second in Internet usage around the WORLD.

In recent times, 90% of the Canadian households are connected to the Internet and, yes, they are even connected while you’re reading this line.

Canada is the leading consumer of Internet data in the world and it is a hub of online business, telecommunication, programming, game development, app development and, of course, online education.

So, if you’re the new-age tech-lover, then Canada is going to be your paradise.


How Do We Help?

Not just for education in Canada, we are here for guiding a student in many other countries only to give him or her one, simple thing.

A life with a career.

That’s why you may need to visit A1 Study Abroad Consultants at least for once to discover what we have in store for you.


What We Do

Choosing overseas education is a significant decision about life and, yes, it’s tricky to make.

In the process of selecting the perfect subject, it is natural for a student to get confused as opportunities are innumerable.

  • We Clear Doubts

We try to clear their doubts by offering them efficient counselling sessions. We talk with a student on a very personal level to get to the point of his or her REAL choices or preferences only to highlight a suitable stream of studies or a serialized career plan for him or her.

  • We Explain

Our counselling sessions also aim in making a student understand the differences between education in one’s country and education overseas. We also explain the quality of overseas education and why it’s worth it to students.

  • We Help Them Overcome the First Barriers

However, the part of tests is a thing no student can ignore at any point when he or she wants to get inside the realm of overseas education. At A1 Study Abroad Consultants, we prepare them for technical English courses like TOEFL, IELTS while making them updated with the regulations of compulsory entrance tests like the GRE, GMAT, SAT and many more.

  • We Simplify Immigration

Lastly, it is the case of Immigration hazards (no offence…it’s a lot of problems), which consumes a considerable time span.

But, you don’t have to worry. At our consultancy firm, we have qualified Immigration and visa professionals to help you in all possible ways.


To Conclude

Overseas education isn’t the window of opportunities for a student, who seeks newer means of progressive education.

But, overseas education has been converted to a completely new notion of education that may bring happiness to a student’s life only through unlocking his or her potentials.

But, there are more to learn regarding overseas education.

Plus, a student may feel a little bit uncomfortable before making the first step.

Don’t worry. We have your back.

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