Why Studying in France Will Make a Good Difference

A good education is about to reach you if, however, you’re planning to reach France very soon for some academic concerns.

With a very detailed academic pattern shaped by advanced methodologies to cater to fulfill modern educational needs, France has been in the spotlight to showcase the potential of education not only to itself, but also to the whole world.

Hence, it will be wrong not to call it a hub of education in the present days.

Apart from common academic services and facilitation, France is home to an expansive base of functional studies. Students all over the world, who have studied there, shortlisted the country as one of those, which cultivates a very strong attachment of career to education and that’s why it is evaluated as a country for newly emerging jobs too.

Although career or profession is the post-academic result one wants to experience in life, France recommends the real picture behind the investment in education. It is that education should be treated not only as an occupational device, but also as an unavoidable probability. France believes in the practical application of education and that is why it has facilitated its academic systems, balancing it as a source of knowledge where professionalism and educational progression, in the form of inquisitiveness and evolution, meet efficiently.

Here are some of the specific reasons one needs to consider studying in France as a golden opportunity.

  1. An ‘Uncommonly’ Superior Education

The most important part about choosing the quality of education is that it has to be an exceptional one.

Luckily, France has that for its foreign students.

It has been estimated that the French government is additionally active behind the development and progress of the country’s academic sector. Investments as well as regular inspections of the department are conducted by the administration to ensure a robust support to the academic structure as well as to strengthen it from within. A reported 20% of the country’s budget is dedicated to the fulfillment of the French academic realm. The said rate is also identified as the largest investment when compared to what other sectors gain from governmental sources. Added to that, all of the certifications in this country are assuredly meant for global recognition. Scholarships here are attractive too.

  1. The Visa Surprise!

Often, due to the country’s amazing facilities and quality of living, students decide to pursue professional life in France itself after their studies. This is where people like those pupils can be really surprised.

To work in a foreign country, one often requires a wok visa, which approves a professional life to a candidate for a significant period of time.

If one completes a Bachelor’s degree in France, then he or she would get a whole year of work visa generated by the French government. The said time span gets doubled with the completion of any post-graduation program.

  1. Support for Accommodation Too?

According to the French Government, it is affirmative.

The foreign students from all over the globe face a great difficulty for worries regarding accommodation. It is often the reason of their doubts and mental discomfort to pursue education in a foreign country.

But, the French government lends a helping hand.

Foreign students, as per their cases; requirements and purposes; are offered a variety of subsidy on accommodation charges once they apply for it. The subsidy may range from 20% to even 50% as per the cases.

  1. A Lot of It in Store!

As France is a renowned destination over the world for, literally, countless features, its variety is well drawn in its education too. You may find 3,500 different institutions to choose from if you’re thinking of studying in France.

There’s more though. This country is probably, the storehouse for a striking variety of subjects and streams. With this advantage, a pupil can determine on a more precise professional life before going for a course since the variety begins with the courses first and not just with the jobs.

From management to vocational studies, from technical courses to fine arts, from literature (of course) to hospitality courses, France has it all. One only needs to have a look at the long list of courses offered here.

How We Help You If You’re In

The potential of education overseas always means a wider range of possibilities and everybody deserves that because they all can gain the support of a splendid educational system like the kind offered in France.

We try to make this offering from France into an ‘achievement’ for students interested to discover a more fruitful way of gaining knowledge.

  • At A1 Study Abroad Consultants, we always strive to do our best to secure a pupil from all the odds he or she may face in getting the best quality overseas education.
  • We offer our quality guidance to each and every student in a closely personal way. Through this useful counselling, we often try to separate a student’s own academic requirements from what is expected out of him or her. This aids both our counselors and the student to come to a precise but right decision collaboratively.
  • We clear the complications arising from the need of getting a visa. Our visa team looks upon all the legal matters associated to visa generation. These experts at our brand also takes care of a pupil in case an issue appears even after reaching the destination.
  • We also aid a candidate to achieve the necessary or preliminary qualifications like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and many more.

To Conclude    

Studying in France can be the beginning of a new dream for any student. A bright professional life also waits for the candidate all over the world with proper endeavor.

France is just going to bring you the paperwork for that. Once, a student is ‘academically licensed’ by France, then there are no certain problems waiting for him or her to act as a professional impediment.

Your intention of obtaining a good livelihood and an appropriate quality living actually does it all. France only brings you to it by what it has to offer in the form of education.

What about us then?

Well, we bring you to France.


Quick Extract:

  • France is the most popular European country, is famous for hospitality and business related course.
  • Intakes: Jan to Feb and Sept to Oct are the major intakes offered in France.
  • IELTS requirements: it’s better to have 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 for master programs but for Bachelor’s programs its 6.0 overall with no band less than 5.5.although IELTS can be waived off in certain colleges based on Skype interview from college and MOI from last attended institute.
  • Popular programs: France is famous for hospitality and business related courses as well as there are courses available in other fields that are equally popular.
  • Tuition fees is comparatively low in France which is normally between 10,000€ to 15,000€ per year.
  • Students are allowed to do part time work 20hrs/ week. And most of the colleges provide internships that help in job placement later.
  • Students can learn French language that is normally included as a subject in their course that even helps them to get part time work.
  • Visa process: Its divided in two parts:
    • Campus France where visa interview is being conducted and
    • VFS where the students can submit their file. Visa decision is fast, within 7-10 days, Student will get student visa.
  • The country provides easy stay back option.
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