Here’s Why Studying in the UK Could Make You Thank Yourself

Think of the ancient days. Medical science, philosophy, physical and chemical sciences, commerce & accounting, publishing, mass products manufacturing, astronomy, research and whatnot –all of these happened in Britain.   

Britain or the UK was an academic center of Europe.

Correction! It still is and it underwent an academic METAMORPHOSIS, which turned today’s education in the UK into something no one wants to miss out.

But why?

That is the thing we are going to find out if you care to read on.


  • Studying in the UK: A Golden Opportunity for Foreign Students

The UK probably has the most suitable form of education authentically shaped and differentiated by the country’s distinguished teachers and professors, education sector professionals, philosophers, educationists and, of course, the government. Plus, with growing research facilities and various ‘education modes’ to advance your academic life, studying in the UK is something you probably dreamed of all the time.


  • Extra Benefits Never Seem to Stop

The surprise in learning one’s favorite subject from the UK doesn’t only mean a certification accepted and valued worldwide, but it also presents a variety of scholarship programs to choose from. This is why the education in the UK turns out to be really helpful for, especially, foreign students.

Let’s look at few of the authentic reasons UK should be your study destination.


  1. Scholarships from UKCISA

The UKCISA means the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs. The council offers different scholarship programs to foreign students based on their stream of studies and requirements.

The government is interested in aiding international students this way because the UK values potentials found in people universally. One may take the assistance of an educational consultancy service to know more about the programs of this council by visiting this website.

The council also offers financial assistance in diverse modes.


  1. Scholarships from Educational Institutions

In this regard, universities, colleges and many other kinds of educational institutes come forward to help foreign students. There are many universities in the UK, which themselves offer a post-graduation course in the country with a scholarship that covers the FULL expenses of the degree.

Other educational institutions and colleges also offer scholarships with surprising attributes.


  1. Another Governmental Contribution

It is a complete evaluation, alteration and constant upgrading program of the academic system under the observations of the UK government. The government conducts these operations in the form of an organizational identity named Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. The said agency launches and observes multiple and differently aimed audits only to comprehensively find out the running condition of the British education system and then to chalk out certain ways ensuring the internationalized and definitive educational standards of the country do not deteriorate even a little.

There are also various other brands in the UK making quick surveys on the academic status on the country’s colleges, universities and other institutes, offering their valuable reviews to advance the concerned standards a step further.


  1. Many Institutions, Diversified Learning

Students primarily selected the UK for major streams of studies such as science, humanities, commerce, medical science, legal studies and the like. But, now, the picture is way different. With rising technical courses and management studies along with research opportunities, foreign students studying there are terming the UK as the educational hub they wanted all along. Plus, as said earlier, research opportunities are not in the sprouting stage in the country. It has now grown to a point, where the UK is already a prepared platform for research oriented careers. The Research Excellence Framework or REF termed 30% of the UK based researches to be ‘world leading’ and 46% to be ‘internationally excellent’.

Here are some of the reputed universities, which stand as the most recognized academic bodies of the UK as well as the whole world:

  1. The University of Oxford
  2. The University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College, London
  4. University College, London
  5. University of Edinburgh


  1. Working While Studying and Many Professional Opportunities after Studying           

The UK offers a variety of part time, full time and freelance work to help a student make some money while studying. It is one of the most common traits of international education as it is taken as one of the efficient ways to cultivate professional values and culture in students from an early student life so that they can put to use their academic potential only to have a stable life.

The country also has some post-study work visa permits that allow a candidate to work in the country and gather experience about British professional life and its features for a particular period of time. One may also apply for British citizenship and make the country into another address for him or her.


  1. Health Care for Free?

That’s another enjoyable truth for foreign students. Once registered for a full course in the UK, a candidate coming from a foreign country is going to be under free medical treatment. Thanks to the UK’s National Health Service or the NHS, foreign students are now more relaxed to pack their bags for the country in order to get educated.

NHS offers extra privileges too. The candidate’s partner or spouse and dependent children are going to be medically treated without any cost only if they stay with the candidate for the entire course duration.


How We Help

At A1 Study Abroad Consultants, we aim in supporting and consulting a student in multiple ways only to ensure the most ‘suitable’ study abroad programs.

Our part in a candidate’s study abroad mission is that to equip him or her with the most useful guidance and information that come in precise application at his or her stay in the country to get educated.

We are offering personalized counseling sessions and interactive evaluation methods to bring out the real potential and intention of a student for the type of overseas education he or she is looking for.

We also offer them efficient training to qualify the initial tests like TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc. as based on the requirement of the country a  candidate seeks education from.

We sort out a candidate’s complications regarding visa. It is always a reason for students to get worried or hindered about their journey to overseas education.


We Have Your Back

Be it overseas education in the UK, or in another country, we are always behind you to guide you in the best ways possible.

Our endeavors in ensuring your safe and peaceful overseas education are meant to giving you the life you’ve wanted.

That particular life of yours may start from the UK and we are with you for this.


Quick Extract:

 Latest Study Abroad options for study in UK from India by A1 Study Abroad Consultants.

UK is known for its MBA programs and is quite famous among youngsters.


The country offers various intakes, rolling intakes but Jan and Sep are the major intakes.


IELTS requirement for PG programs is 6.5 with no band less than 6 and for UG programs 6 with no band less than 5.5 but again there are many universities which can provide IELTS waiver*.


Many universities offer scholarships on merit.

Tuition fees:
Tuition fees in UK is affordable (normally between £10,000 – £16,000 ) and scholarships help further.

Like in other European countries the tuition fees has to be paid before visa and is refundable in case of visa rejection.

Popular courses:
Popular courses in UK are business management nursing food etc .

 Stay back:
Most of the universities are providing stay back options after visa rule changing earlier this year.

Internships and placements are also provided by major universities.

Visa success rate is high for UK and it takes a minimum of one month’s time.

Please contact us for more details!

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