New Zealand

It’s popular. It’s affordable and there is enough proof for it.

Yes! New Zealand is that study abroad destination, which may offer you those options you’ve been waiting for to obtain the best professional life with guaranteed security. The New Zealand education gives you quality opportunities through which you get the ticket to prosperity in occupational platforms and that too on a global scale.

But, what’s the evidence that makes New Zealand into a study abroad destination from being just some other country? Well, simply put, you have to take a look at the statistics some years before regarding the number of foreign students, who registered there. The number of them in 2015 was a surprising 1, 00,000 in the said year. The more interesting fact about this number is that it gets a 10% to 12% increase each year following 2015. Not only world class educational institutes, but a very ‘facilitative’ educational system has made New Zealand’s education valuable for career prospects. So, summarizing the facts, it would be right to say that New Zealand helps you get comprehensive advantages of both knowledge and occupation.

But, is that all? You might be thinking what else do this amazing country has to offer for international students like you? What are the special plus sides you may achieve with New Zealand’s education and…

…how may you prepare for this academic journey had you fixed your mind to study there?

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4 Reasons for Studying in New Zealand Makes You Fortunate Enough

1.    When Education Is Monitored…

Quite naturally, it is done for the students’ benefits at the ultimate level. The New Zealand government sticks to a very detailed monitoring of the country’s education so that foreign students get 100% benefits. Plus, the New Zealand education system confirms that students from other countries don’t feel ‘alien’ in case of their academic development in the country. Through audits, quality-check methodologies, and many more, the New Zealand government ensures the country’s full educational potential through systematic updating through such analytical and observatory methods. The body responsible for this is known as the New Zealand Qualifications Authority or NQZA, which is completely run by the government to create the most unique and suitable environment of education for foreign students.

2.    World Class Education

The factor about education chiefly depends on the number of educational institutions in a country, the diversity in their programs and, thus, the expanded platform of opportunities they produce for a career oriented individual. In this case, New Zealand doesn’t disappoint. With 8 universities run by the state and 18 Institutes of Technology with various courses, New Zealand gives you more than enough opportunities to go through and choose your suitable stream of studies. Added to that, the country adds more to ENGLISH EDUCATION. Its English language schools provide vocational studies at certificate or diploma level, which brings you a more career centric platform. What’s more? New Zealand is home to over 550 private training institutes with many courses suiting to your particular career requirements.

3.    Costs? Don’t Worry for That

Compared to what other countries offer, New Zealand gives an international student a considerable relaxation at paying bills. It has been estimated that post graduation courses like MBA costs lesser than what other overseas education costs are. If all the relevant costs are calculated (including accommodation fees, tuition costs, etc.), then it would be a well established factor that New Zealand education expenses are quite affordable.

4.    Facilities Are Exceptional

The most interesting advantage of pursuing education in New Zealand is getting the key to open doorways for research work in a variety of fields. You’d get more advantageous facilities for research work to ultimately make your ‘inquisitive set of tasks’ into a strong career prospect. In simple words, New Zealand is the country where researchers are not only welcome but are handsomely paid.

Now comes the point of entry requirements, which are, surprisingly relaxed for foreign students. With moderate qualifications, most of the foreign students are eligible for a bachelor’s degree course in New Zealand.

·       For the Part of Preparation

Well, that may happen in your own country with us. We, a team of experienced overseas education counselors, are known in the name of A1 Study Abroad Consultants. Our job is to clarify the doubts of students willing to study abroad and help them in an official platform to offer them the best options available in overseas education.

·       What We Do

Many students are in the need of top class education and a wide array of occupational options. Sometimes, for the want of proper certifications or relevant knowledge, many pupils remain away from their dream career.  Some are often confused to go for a particular course. Here is where we try to aid them with quality counseling, appropriate advice and tested, preparatory measures that would bring them not just to a point of clarity but also to a calculated determination about their career.

Our methods to deliver such assistance to students are:

We prepare them for primary qualifications like PTE, GMAT, and many more so that their study abroad journey gets to be very simple and accelerated.

Our counseling sessions are aimed to make sure the potential of a student is reached and used to the fullest. To do this, we, at A1 Study Abroad Consultants, use approved, technical methods to bring out the tenacity of a student for a subject or an academic stream and then turn it into his or her career.

We also aid students with quality visa support to minimize problems in both their native country and the country they’ve chosen for their studies.

Before Conclusion

New Zealand may have a lot in store for you. But, neither can you access them from your native country nor can you get its benefits if you spend your time in pondering over if you’re right to register as a student in New Zealand.

All you’ve got to do is to make that leap of faith and it would take you to what you’ve desired.

We have got you backed up. So, let us do the additional thinking, which might help you focus more on your career.

It’s time to choose and we’re guaranteeing that choosing New Zealand for education overseas is the next good thing you’re going to do for your life.

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